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It’s difficult to describe the history of the Blue Willow Restaurant without knowing a little bit of the owner, Vic Mah, my grandfather. When I sit with him, I always wonder, “How did he do it all?” After all, it’s not easy starting a restaurant from scratch and staying in business for over 50 years. His experience comes from owning several restaurants from the Pan American Café on Jasper Avenue to the Canterbury Inn Steakhouse – my grandfather he tried a little bit of everything


Scored of celebrities have walked through the doors of the Blue Willow restaurant. Legends like Liberace Jack, Benny Dean, Martin, Bryan Adams, John Candy, Muhammad Ali, and Wayne Gretzky. Patrick Mad declared the Blue Willow’s attention to amiable detail has been key to the family enterprises success the past 50 years.


“When you come here you can expect a more personable experience,” says Patrick, who states 90% of his clientele dine there frequently. Those people have become really good friends of the family outside the restaurant we start seeing second, third and even fourth generation customers of those friends coming in, so we’ve been very fortunate that way.


“I think my grandfather was very astute in a lot of areas,” Says Patrick. He realized when he came to Edmonton it was a sports town. He also realized that it was important to give back to the community.


Vic is retired these days, but still signs the cheques, while Stan and Patrick run the bulk of the business, including treating both celebrities and regular clientele like royalty.


“As my father once said, “My dinning room is my living room and this is where I meet my friends,” says Stan.





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